About Syntex: The laboratory

Syntex is an Argentine company that elaborates active ingredients from biological and semi-synthetic origins for Human and Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry since 1935. We work with the implementation of technological development that allows the obtaining of derivatives and more ecient evolutions for new uses and applications in Diagnose, Human and Veterinary Medicine.

Syntex maintains its global leadership as a pharmaceutical supplier, presenting innovative products and with permanent investment in technology and productive capacity in its plants located in Luis Guillón and Ayacucho. The will of improving customers´ needs are the motors of the constant evolution of Syntex.

Numerous Investigation and Development work are carried out under original Syntex work and patents in collaboration with

Evolution in Syntex has been constant since its beginning: developing and elaborating high quality and maximum safety products, complying with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as with the most demanding international quality standards. Many Syntex products comply with well known pharmacopoeias´ quality standards such as European, American and Japanese; markets where Syntex exports regularly thanks to its recognized quality.

In Syntex knowledge acquires a transcendent dimension, not only as an instrumental objective but also as an intangible attribute of our products. Syntex is focused on transforming its intellectual capital in competitive advantages that lead to dierential income. and it becomes in market services that accompany the products as surplus.

The most important capital of Syntex is its people. Professionals developing innovative solutions in active ingredients and veterinary products they determine Syntex regional leadership. Their knowledge, experience and eort together with a clear compromise with quality and eciency have marked its long realizations route and ensure future success.

Syntex has resolutely assumed its leadership position in the national and international markets, permanently stimulating their products exportation for global pharmaceutical industry.

We have done a long way of success and realizations. Taking into account all its implications, we optimistically face future in the search and obtaining technologies for life.